ConnectiCATE - Infinite Opportunities

DTS Communicate is a fully Australian owned company located in Castle Hill. DTS have built a 25 year reputation on the ability to receive, analyse and transform data into effective communications.

Over the years, the tools and channels have changed and customers are now recognised as being better informed with higher expectations than ever before.

The underlying philosophy of understanding and utilising customer or member data remains the greatest opportunity for businesses to build a foundation for growth and success.

Engaging with members through the print and digital environments and transforming these activities into long standing profitable relationships can be done successfully by increased customer knowledge and understanding.

Knowing more about what they want, when they want it and how they want it provides infinite marketing opportunities for Clubs.

DTS Communicate have invested in state of the art software and developed a single, simple solution that will allow Clubs to engage with members and potential members using effective communication with the right message at the right time via their preferred channel.

Coupled with advanced hardware, skilled staff and reliable service providers, DTS Communicate are proud to launch and introduce ConnectiCATE, our latest product, at the 2011 ClubsNSW Trade Expo “Get Served”.

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Unit A, 11 Hudson Avenue
Castle Hill, NSW 2154,
Telephone +61 2 9659 9855
Facsimile +61 2 9659 9055